$100,000 and Higher

Anonymous *
Bader Philanthropies, Inc. *
Four-Four Foundation *
Hearst Foundations
Herb Kohl Philanthropies *
Kohl’s and Kohl’s Cares
Paradise Valley Ranch, Inc. *
United Way of Greater Milwaukee
and Waukesha County
Zilber Family Foundation *

$50,000 to $99,999

Argosy Foundation
Greater Milwaukee Foundation
111 Anonymous Fund*
Jeffrey C. Kasch Foundation, Inc.
Sharon and Bill La Macchia *
Rite-Hite Holding Corporation *
We Energies Foundation *

$25,000 to $49,999

William E. Eastham *
Fitzsimonds Charitable Trust *
Evan & Marion Helfaer Foundation *
Linda and William Koenig *
Susan and Robert Mikulay *
Beth and Rick Schepp *
R.A. Stevens Family Foundation *

$10,000 to $24,999

Anon Charitable Trust *
BMO Harris Bank
Brewers Community Foundation, Inc.
Debra and Michael J. Brophy *
The Catholic Community Foundation, Inc.
Charter Manufacturing Co. Fdn.
William Chester
Bridget and Patrick Coffey*
Heidi and Timothy Frank *
Farrah and Marc Gall *
Michelle and Scott Gass

Greater Milwaukee Foundation
Gertrude Ann Meixner Fund *
Greater Milwaukee Foundation
Schaus Family Fund *
Richard & Ethel Herzfeld Fdn.
Charles D. Jacobus Family Foundation
Eugenia T. Jacobus
Johnson Controls, Inc.
Ladish Co. Foundation
Mary Jo and Kevin Mansell
John McTigue
Lynn S. Nicholas
Northwestern Mutual Foundation *
Jane Bradley Pettit Foundation

Lindsay and Scott Priebe
Natalie and Greg Revelle
Schoenleber Foundation
Jen and Todd Schoon *
Sensient Technologies Foundation, Inc.
Francie Luke Silverman Foundation
Kate Schuett Wasmer and John Wasmer
United Way of Metropolitan Chicago
Weiss Family Foundation
Wells Fargo Foundation
Frank L. Weyenberg Charitable Trust
Maria and Donald Wilson *

$1,000 to $9,999

Anonymous (5)
A.O.  Smith Foundation, Inc.
Milwaukee Admirals
Kareeda Chones-Aguam and Ryan Aguam
Paula and Keith Anderson *
Christina and Alvaro Araque *
Janie and Clifford M. Asmuth
Associated Bank
Aurora Health Care, Inc.
Badger Meter Foundation, Inc. *
Baird Foundation *
Terri and Keith Baisden *
Jane and Jeffrey Barth *
Carrie and James Bedore
The Benevity Community Impact Fund
Joseph F. & Catherine M.
Bennett Family Foundation
Sally Bentley *
Bob’s Discount Furniture, LLC.
Sara A. Boettcher
Elissa and Thomas M. Bolger
Melanie and Steven Booth
Ashley and Mack Borges
Betty Bostrom
Kathleen Burke
Geralyn and William M. Cannon
Capital First Trust Company
Carol and Dirk Carson *
Catcon LLC / Catalyst Construction
Chapman Foundation
Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin
Chipstone Foundation
Stanley and Polly Stone Fund
Clare M. Peters Charitable Trust
Juli and Matt Coburn
Pamela and James L. Coleman
Richard D. Cudahy, Jr.
Davidson & Harley Fund, Inc.
Mae E. Demmer Charitable Trust
Amy and Jason Diamond
Christopher Doerr
Mary Martha and Emmett J. Doerr
Charitable Trust *
Naomi Dolohanty
Kimberly and Gary A. Draeger *
Susan and John Dragisic *
Michael Drescher
Christine and Peter Duback
Sarah and Robert Duncan
Albert J. & Flora H. Ellinger Foundation, Inc.
Andrea and James Emling
Ernst & Young LLP
Ettinger Family Foundation
Julia and Patrick Fennelly
Heather and Ryan Festerling
Jennifer and Tom Florsheim
Lindy Yeager and John Florsheim
Laurie and Mark Foote
Sweeney Family Foundation
Theresa and Dr. Robert Fox
Barbara N. Fuldner
Gardner Foundation
Jackie and David Gay

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Janet and Bill Gebhardt
Susan and Paul Gies, Jr.
Julie and Brian Gilpin
Megan and Sam Gleischman
Godfrey & Kahn *
Sarah and Viktor Gottlieb
Greater Milwaukee Foundation
A.W. Asmuth Family Fund
Greater Milwaukee Foundation
Kopmeier Family Fund
Greater Milwaukee Foundation
Lawlis Family Fund
Greater Milwaukee Foundation
Catherine and Walter Lindsay Foundation Fund
Greater Milwaukee Foundation
Paul P. Lipton Fund
Greater Milwaukee Foundation
Roller Family Fund
Kelly and Michael M. Grebe
Jennifer and Mark Griepentrog
Kathy Feucht and Brian Grossman
H. H.  Camp Foundation *
Peggy and Michael Harris
Terry and Gavin Hattersley
Healing the Children of Wisconsin, Inc.
Ken Hemauer
Christine Holmes *
Dorothy Inbusch Foundation, Inc.
International Facility Management
Association Inc.
Richard G. Jacobus Family Foundation *
Meg and Joe Jansky *
Jewish Community Foundation
Anonymous Fund *
Jen and Paul Johnson
JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Good Works Employee Giving Program
JPMorgan Chase Foundation
Kate and Jeff Kazlo
Antoinette A. and Matthew Keenan Endowment
Sally J. Keller
Mary and Ted D. Kellner *
Carrie and Jason Kelroy
Dedi and W. David Knox II
Mary E. Krall
La Macchia Enterprises
The Mark Travel Corporation
William E. La Macchia, Jr.
Lisa and Brian Van Landeghem *
Arlene and Joel Lee
Draga and Steve Libbey
Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP
Madeleine and David Lubar
Edith A. McFadden, M.D. and Dan Maguire
Gerald E. Mainman
Jeffrey E. Mark
Jan and Vincent Martin
Mason Wells
Cynthia McKoy
Barrie and Bob Merar
Metro Eye
Elizabeth Meyer and Sam Hope *
Lisa Cadotte and Tony Milczarek
Brigid and John Miller
Elizabeth and Mark Miller
Milwaukee Bucks
Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corporation

George and Julie Mosher Family Foundation
August G. Mueller Trust
Miann and David Navarre *
Northwestern Mutual
Kelly and Robert C. Olejniczak
Amy Byrne and Ronald Ota *
Park Bank Foundation
Jennifer La Macchia and Nils Parker
Amy and Jason Parry *
Peck Foundation, Milwaukee LTD
Pershing LLC
Pieper Electric Inc.
Candy and Bruce Pindyck
PLAN Foundation *
Jay Radmer *
Jo Ann Ratcheson and James Lang *
Theresa Reagan and Bill Reitman *
Lynn and Paul Rix
Robertson Ryan & Associates, Inc.
Diane and John Rogers *
J. D. Ruffolo Family Foundation
Michelle and John Runte
Tere and Neil Sackerson *
Shelly and Adam Sauter
Jenafer and Kenneth Schinner
Laura and Joe Schmidt *
Kate and Will Schoyer *
Laura and Scott Schubert
Service Club of Milwaukee
Judy and Roger Smith
Betty and Peter Sommerhauser
MJ and Josh Sparks
Mary Sprague
Stackner Family Foundation
Maureen and Rick Stalle
Mary Ellen and Scott P. Stanek
Jill and Andy Stefanovich, a Donor Advised
Fund of the U.S. Charitable Gift Trust
Sonia Shields Stowe
Alden and Gustavus Taylor *
Steve and Kristen Thomas
Nicole Griglione and Michael Thurston
Shelly and Michael Tosh
Truist Comprehensive Distribution / Frontstream
Town Bank
Henry H. Uihlein, Sr. and
Marion “Polly” S. Uihlein Foundation
United Way of Greater Atlanta
UWM Foundation, Inc.
Ellen and Robert Venable
Vilter Foundation, Inc.
von Briesen & Roper, S.C.
Angie and Stephen Walmsley
Rhonda and Christopher Ware
Barbara and Richard L. Weiss
Wells Fargo
Holly and Dr. Robert Williams
Madonna and Jay Williams
Michelle and Todd Williams
Stoney Wilson
Beth and Kevin Wisniewski
Elizabeth Brown Wyatt and David Wyatt *
Curtis Wycklendt
Jessica and Matthew Zeratsky *
Andy and Carlene Ziegler

$500 to $999

Matt Adey
John M. Altenbach
Dr. Smriti Khare and Richard S. Anderson
Richard and Diana Barthel
Beta Alpha Psi at Marquette University
Audrey Beyer
Danielle Bly
Gay and John Borges
Margaret MacLeod Brahm and John Brahm
Patrice Bringe
Katie and Kyle Brown
Emileen and John Bruhn
Tracy and John Brymer
Tanya and Josh Buege
Liisa Gary and Alan Burkard
Casetta Kitchen and Counter
Beth and Roger Clark
Amanda and Thomas Clossey
Kelly and Richard Daugherty
Ann and Bob Eisenbrown
Ranee and Brenton Field, Jr.
Ryan Gill
Katie and Mike Glaisner
Christine Kinyon and David Gourlay
Shannon and Matt Grant
Greater Milwaukee Foundation
Greater Milwaukee Foundation
Frank and Elsa Sterner Family Fund

LaVerne and Daryll Griesberg
Beverly and Charles Groeschell
Veronica and Peter Gunn
Suzanne and Andy Hall
Carol R. Hase
Lynn and Tim Hawkins
Susan and John Honkamp
Jonathan Wish Foundation
Kapco, Inc.
Susie and G. Frederick Kasten, Jr.
Gary Kautzer
Mary Beth and Steven W. Keane
Jeri Raith and Richard Kessler
Phyllis and Ted King
Katherine and David Lucey
Lydia Rose Hummel-Dosmann
Educational Foundation Inc. *
Jennifer and Jude Mance
Marcus Corporation
Liz and Jeff Mark
Marks Family *
Marquette University/Advancement
Katie and Skip McGregor
Margaret and Thomas McMahon
Mia and Jamie Moe
Colleen and Chris Mortonson
LuAnn and Gene Mueller
Beth and Greg Myers
Arin and Anthony Nguyen
Rhonda and Gregory Oberland

Krista and Chad Pankop
Heather and Jeffrey Paradis
Colleen and David Patzer
Pere Marquette Jesuit Community
Karen and James C. Pieper
Sheri and Thomas Price
Theresa Reagan and Bill Reitman
Lisa and Sean Rierdon
Lisa and Patrick Rios
Nancy and Michael Roos
Roundy’s Supermarkets Inc.
Edith and Donald Rouse
Peggy and Ron San Felippo
Laura and Joe Schmidt
William J. Schmitz
Bruce and Karen Schuyler
Patricia and Peter Schuyler
Cheryl and Andrew Seter
Carolyn and Mark Smith
Leah M. Sober
Joan Staeven
Erin and Peter Stanek
Ben Uhen
Patricia and Joseph Ullrich
Joyce and Thomas Waldoch
Jim Weedman
Wisconsin Athletic Club
Nancy Zabriskie
Margaret and Marian Zincke

$100 to $499

Linda Quartaro and Walter “Skip” Abbott *
Molly and Ben J. Abrohams
Tia and Mike Abuls
Nancy and James H. Albrecht
Courtney R. Alexander
Ellen Anderson
Jennifer Anderson
Marti Anderson
Aurora Health Care Employee
Partnership Campaign
Peter Baisden
Val V. Beatovic
Dr. Nancy File and James Beer
Elizabeth and Peter Benz
Georgiane and Nicholas M. Berich
Sarah Bernstein
Kathryn and Thomas F. Bolger
Anna Boll
Lori and Mark W. Boutelle
Marilyn M. and Orren Bradley
Hannah and Rodney Brandenburg II
Rachel and James Broach
Yvonne and Fred Bruhn
Stephanie Brunkhorst
Jennifer Bryson
Nancy Burkholder
Donald Carlson
Marian L. and Michael Carroll
Causecast Foundation
Dr. Donald and Sandra Chisholm
Therese and James Cincotta
Linda Condash *
Charles C. Conner
Nicole M. Cota
Kaelyn Zaporski-Cummings and Aaron Cummings
Jennifer and Edward Cyra
Erickajoy and John Daniels, III
Alberta Darling
Judith Markowski and Francis Deisinger
Mark A. Dempsey
Shannon Dennhof
Cynthia and Jeff DeVor
Nancy and Douglas Dewey
Julie Gay and Bill Domina
Kathy and Michael J. Dwyer
Nancy L. Eastham
Daniel Ehrmentraut
Brian Fahl
Joan and Richard Farrell
Maria Fernandez
Elizabeth A. and Steve P. File
FirstWeber Foundation
Victoria Fitzgerald
Karen and John M. Franckowiak
Anne Frazier
Katherine D. Frontier
Mayqueen and Junior Gakpetor
Tami and Mathew Garrison
GE United Way Campaign
Carrie and Charles Glapinski
Suzanne Marchant and William G. Gollmar
Julie Gorens-Winston

Elizabeth and Peter Gottsacker *
Kathy Grogan
Leah and Ryan Grunewald
Laura Marie Guzman-Rivera
Hales Corners Lioness Club
Crissie Hall
Susan and H. Jeffrey Hamar
Marsha and Frederick Hammer
Hilary Harvey
Ruth and Otto Heimler
Scott Heins
Michael Heitkemper
Lindsay Herrick
Christine and James Hill
Robert Hille
Kristin Holzhauer
Latasha Hortman
Susan and William Hotz
Sue and Chuck Hurliman
Colin Jorgenson
Karen and Walter Kangas
Lynn and Jeff Kenkel
Sonia and Scott Kolodzinski
Vanessa and Matthew Koster
Marianne and Fred Kramer
Karen A. Kunzler
W. Tony Lam
Latham’s Collision, Inc.
Nanyeli and Ryan Lay
Kimberly and Dr. Craig Leach
Judie Lehman
John Levendusky
Mary Ann and David Lillich
John T. Litchford
Karen and James Lloyd
Jason Lovejoy *
Earnell Lucas
Anne and Leroy A. Lutz
David Lutz
Anthony Maggiore
Lori J. Makinen
Robert Makowski
Sharon and Joseph Malenda
Colleen Mansell
Marquette University Delta Chi Fraternity
Metropolitan Milwaukee
Association of Commerce
Allison Meuler
Milwaukee County
Department of Human Resources
MOD Super Fast Pizza, LLC
Anne Mongoven *
Morgan Stanley
Patrick J. Murphy, Ph.D.
Nancy Hernandez and Andrew Narrai
Susana Navarrete
Kathleen and Terrance Nelson
Network for Good
Nineteen88 Productions, LLC
Elizabeth and Daniel O’Connell
David and Carries Osswald
Pace Networking
Jayne and James Paddock
Sarah Paul
PayPal Giving Fund

Julie and Kevin Penneau
Katie and Brian Perhach
Denise and Arthur Phillips
Nicole and John Pienkos
Rebecca and Steve Porter
Cheryl Quinn
Marylyn and Bruce A. Ranta
Tracy and Patrick Rath
Carolyn and Richard Raymaker
Barbara Redzinski
Reiswig Aesthetics SC
Jason Reynolds
Judy and Tom Richmond
RJ Schinner Co.
Jack Rodee
Sara and Phillip A. Roemaat
Ellen and Robert Romans
Roots Central LLC
Heather Rotolo
Andrew Ruehl
Geraldine and Forrest Sarver
Jessie and John Schaub
Sharon and Ronald G. Schlicht
Nancy and John Schmidt
Jean Schneider
Judy and Jon Schumacher
Kathy Schwab
Melissa and Mark Schwalbach
Michele and Richard Seesel
Stephanie and Jimmy Shabangu
Randall Sherer
Pamela and Jeffrey Shovers
Suzanne and Walter R. Simonz, Jr.
Noel Skarpmoen
Nancy and Mark B. Smuckler, M.D.
Nicholas Sommerville
Southwest Milwaukee Optimist Club
La Toya Sykes
Marcus Taylor
Christen and Solomon Tesfai
Denise Thomas
Dr. John and Anne Thomas, Jr.
Thrivent Financial
Sam and Brandon Tschacher
Kaylee Urban
Joely Urdan
Erika Vega
Beth Vick
Kathie and Charles G. Vogel
Michael F. Weber
Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign
Kristi Westcott
Alan Wichtoski
Earnestine Willis *
Dana and Brian Wilson
Jennifer Wilson
Thomas B. Wilson
Julie and John W. Wolf
United Methodist Women
Samuel M. Woodruff
DeVona Wright Cottrell
Dr. Thomas and Barbara Zabors
Celeste and Craig Zaffrann
Bryant E. Zimmermann
Natalie Zuege

$99 and Less

AmazonSmile Foundation
Karie Anderson
Gail and Dennis Bartz
Charlotte Bell
Blankstein Enterprises
Kathleen and Steven A. Brengosz
P.J. Brown
Elizabeth Buchholz
Richard S. Buse
Maryellen C. Cannon
Tim Cigelske
Carma Clark
Kathleen and Steven R. Clark
Judith and Christopher Collins
Marc Collins
Beverly Davis
Jan and William K. Davis
Sandra Davis
Jerry DeQuardo
Marlene and Jerrold M. Deutsch
Mary Devine
Janet Erdmann
Maria Fleschner
Frances A. Franklin
Tom Gauthier
Beth and Michael Giacobassi
Barbara and Donald Grande
Susan and Thomas Gruber
Janet and Phillip Gural
H&R Block
Patricia M. Haak
Mary Haberman
Veronica and John F. Hammes
Elizabeth Hanna
Barbara B. Hartnett
Maureen and Daniel Holahan

Barbara and Peter Holtz
JoAnn and Roger Hornbeck
Stephen Hudson-Mairet
Monica Hurt
Benjamin Kartheiser
Anne Kennedy
Marie and Leroy J. Konrath
Leone and David J. Kosinski
Amy Krohn
Marie and David Kuemmel
Lee Sprengel
Deandre Lewis
Joylene Lewis
Alex and Jim Livesey
Shannon Lorenz
Kristine Martynski
Julia and Brendan Matthews
Colleen O’Donnell and Timothy Maynard
John Menzel
Rebecca Michelsen
Iris and William E. Miller
Cristina Moreno-Ayala
Rachael and Joe Mullen
Shirley Mundstock
Michael A. Nelson
Nancy and Thomas Nelson
Margaret Neuworth
Kay and Robert Nolan
Kimberly Marcin
Barbara and Michael Palovcsik
Michael D. Panlener
Holly Ann M. Pape
Rosemary and Peter Petroll
Ann and Jim Piatt
Patricia Pierce-Cotter
Jeanne and Gary Pokorny

Lisa Marie Pollnow
Pro Resume Center, LLC.
Mary Ann and John Prokop
Lynn and Kim Scott Raffel
Priti Rana
Patty Riley
Seville Rimmer
Marianne Rozinski
Joseph M. Ruppel
Claudia Sanchez
Celeste and Andy Schkeryantz
Linda Schuh
Roger Schuneman
Barbara and Russell Searing
Chloe Sier
Erin and Peter Stanek
Hilde and David Staufiger
Jane and Hugh Taufner
Marilyn and Bob Teper
The GE Foundation
Sharon and Arnold C. Thimmesch
Toyota of Brookfield
Teresa Trostmiller
Vicky Lynn Tuder
Janice and Richard Tyler
Janice Verona
William R. Waldron
Daisy Weber
Casey Weedman
Danita Wendorf
Heather Witt
Jeanne and John Wittmann
Sarah Wittmann
Lynne and Leonard Zacharias
Sarah and Christopher Zello
Carol and Paul Ziehler

* Donors who gave comprehensive campaign gifts